The main business focus of teaMC Sagl is the delivery of turnkey systems for the automation of front-end banking processes. This mission is backed by a long career of the owner of the company that started his activities in Philips ElektronikIndustrier and then continued his experience as entrepreneur , first with a company located in Milano (Italy) and then with a company located in Lugano (Ticino / Switzerland).

The culture and matured experiences can cover all aspects of the delivery of a complete front end banking solution ranging from:

·   business plan

·   cost evaluation

·   project management

·   architecture design

·   design of innovative user experience and new way of working paradigms

·   implementation of core software components

·   solution delivery

·   post delivery organization and evolution plans

The company is experienced both in system architecture design and definition; project management and project development on platforms like .NET, Java, J2EE, Web, HTML5, NodeJs, Mobile, Internet, Intranet and has a deep knowledge of all main DBMS on the market.

The company has matured a deep knowledge of banking applications and processes both in the area of teller solutions, customer management, reporting and management information systems.

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