Company's mission

Solution design, Project Management, Project Implmentation for frontend finance applications

Solution design

In font end finance applications there is the need to combine and match different requirements that range from:

  • stakeholder satisfaction
  • cost control
  • functionality
  • process innovation
  • envision of customer requirements
  • system and architecture design
  • technologies and tools
  • project management
  • leadership and teamwork

A good solution design must balance all the mentioned aspect in a way that the result is in line with expectation. A professional solution design must promote the delivery of added value in terms of exceeding expectations especially in terms of process innovation, ease of use, intuitiveness and future proof design. teaMC has the experience to achieve these result in the highly specialized field of front end finance applications.

Project Management

teaMC Sagl is a highly specialized company in project management issues and its key person Marco Cavallari is certified IPMA-D from VZPM Zurich since 2012.

Marco Cavallari has lead many projects for front end finance applications and has covered different  roles as PMO, project manager and project leader. As being highly specialized in this particular topic he can add, to the traditional project management skills, the deep knowledge of banking processes, team leadership, distributed architecture design and implementation skills, track record of successful projects at may banks. The combination of all these skills and experiences is an incredible added value when there is the need to envision, promote to stakeholders, project, design, model and implement complex projects like the ones that banks have to face when customer relationship is involved.

Project Implmentation

Implementing front end applications is really challenging since the human interface interaction is crucial. In finance application this paradigm is even more evident since in banking accuracy, security, reliability, performances are crucial topics that need to be addressed as well as functionality that normally is really sophisticated due to the intrinsic complexity of financial services.

Making finance systems evolve means that new process paradigms must be introduced, the flow of information has to be streamlined and the user experience has to be driven by events that reflect the need to interact with customer in a non predictable, procedural way.

Project implementation has to deal with these new paradigms. Traditional software development methodologies cannot cope with the required speed of development and the need to “catch the opportunity” attitude. Identifying new “ways of working”, new process shortcuts along the development phase will produce a more usable, simpler and more accurate solution much appreciated by end user