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teaMC Sagl key person:

teaMC Sagl is a company founded in 2013 by Marco Cavallari in the Ticino region of Switzerland. The compnay is fully owned by Macro Cavallari.

Macro Cavallari has matured an experience of more than 30 years fully dedicateed to the design, implementation and delivery of front end banking solution starting from the more traditional retail banking application to the most sophisticated customer management platforms. He matured a deep knowledge of banking processes at international level. He stared his career in Philips Elektronikndustrier AB in Sweden, continuing this activity in Philips DataSystems Italy and then in Team++ in Milan and in Teamlab s.a. in Ticino.

Marco Cavallari's research works:

Collaboration with the Università Cattolica di Milano and the  Università Statale di Milano
External teacher at master courses from 2002 – 2006 for the Università Cattolica
Collaboration in SOA research works with the University of Milano

In 2005 was a coauthor with:
•    Professor Richard Baskerville of Georgia State University,  
•    Professor Maddalena Sorrentino of the Università di Milano, 
•    Professor Francesco Virili of Università di Cassino, 
•    Professor Hjan Pries Eje  of Copenhagen University (IT department). 

of a paper that has been accepted and published at the ECIS 2005 conference in Regensburg.

Paper title: