Marco Cavallari's references


Banca del Gottardo: Nuovo “sistema casse” (2002 – 2005)

As technical director of Teamlab s.a.

At Banca del Gottardo (Lugano, Ticino, Switzerland) I have been the project leader ad responsible for the delivery of the New Casher System project. With my team I have delivered a turnkey software solution to manage all cash transactions at Banca del Gottardo (now BSI) both for the front end casher and for internal operators and for supervision services. The solution is implementing a sophisticated system for customer’s signature verification  The solution  has been delivered on a Web platform and it has adopted innovative solutions like AJAX for the refresh of the user interface. The application architecture is organized following the SOA model and implements a complete separation of the UI from the business logic. The business logic is organized in Web Services. The business case “Banca del Gottardo” has been evaluated at academic level to measure the validity of the SOA model in a highly secure and business critical environment. The result of the business case has been published in a paper at the ECIS 2005 conference in Regensburg.

Cedacri: New teller front office (in partnership with Microsoft) (2006 -2008)

As technical director of Teamlab s.a.

Cedacri, (Collecchio, Parma,  Italy) is the most important outsourcer for financial services on the Italian market. It is owned by a group of banks and serves in full outsourcing 67 Italian bank and supports the activities of many foreign banks on the Italian market.
In 2007 Cedacri decided to phase-out  the platform MS-DOS TPMASTER that was at the heart of its front end banking services. Such services were related to cash management, customer relationship management, payment systems and, in general, all customer related activities. Microsoft Services has been chosen as partner for the implementation of this project. Microsoft Services Italy has implemented the framework CFF (Customer Finance Framework) that should have been the standard Microsoft offer for the Finance market. Teamlab , under my leadership, has worked as Microsoft’s partner thanks to its proven experiences in banking automations projects and deep knowledge of the Cedacri solution. CFF was later migrated to CCF when it has been embedded in Microsoft’s corporate offer. 

Banca IFIS: Credit management  (2007-2009)

As technical director of Teamlab s.a.

Banca IFIS (Mogliano Venento, Venice, Italy) is a highly specialized bank that offers almost exclusively factoring services for small and medium sized companies. The current Chairman and majority shareholder is  Prince Sebastien Egon Fürstenberg.
Factoring services are the core business of a small number of banks since it requires a very high degree of specialization and competences. The core system for factoring services is the credit issuing procedure. In fact  any commercial proposal gets reflected in the evaluation of a dossier issued in name of the customer. Moreover, dossiers are opened for the customer’s customer (the debtors) to evaluate the indirect risk involved on the operation. The total risk of the operation is balanced between the customer and its debtors. A debtor could be debtor for many customers or could be a customer himself.
The risk of the operation gets mediated among customer and debtors and, if the operations on the customer cannot exceed the granted amount, at the same time, the total indirect risk on the debtor cannot exceed the approved amount. The handling of factoring services requires the management of complex situations with customers dealing with many debtors and each debtor  referenced by many customers. Under my leadership, my company Teamlab,  has delivered a highly sophisticated solution that drives the commercial activities of Banca IFIS in this complex scenario. The package takes care of a factoring financing products portfolio and the management and evaluation of direct and indirect risks and pricing. 

Gruppo Credito Valtellinese: Nuovo sistema di Agenzia – project ABC (2008-2010)

As technical director of Teamlab s.a.

Gruppo Credito Valtellinese (Sondrio, Italy), with the support f its own IT Service company Bankadati, chose in 2008 to undergo a complete rewrite of its own banking front end application.  The system was full proprietary and deeply integrated with their mainframe legacy application. The front end application was very complex and wide since it covered all the banking applications for the retail channel. It was an old application but very customized on Credito Valtellinese’s needs and appreciated by the end users due to its efficiency and speed. Bankadati was appointed for the delivery of a new commercial platform and they choose as partners Microsoft with responsibility for the platform and the architecture design and Teamlab as the responsible of the redesign of the user experience and functional simplification. The result is a highly sophisticated SMART CLIENT application, based on the WPF framework, that offers a very appreciated new way of working. The ABC Shell has introduced a completely new paradigm to manage the customer relationship keeping the same philosophy and same approach as the previous solution .  The retraining cost for the bank was very low and the new system got an extreme good acceptance from users and bank’s customers.

Banca delle Marche: Nuovo Sistema di Agenzia – project Fevo (con Engineering) (2009-2011)

As technical director of Teamlab s.a.

Banca delle Marche (Iesi and Macerata, ITALY) was born from the merger of three saving banks located in central Italy. Savings bank of Macerata was the owner of banking package that is now used by Banca delle Marche. The system is based on a core of proprietary services and  on a number of packages delivered by may software vendors. Banca delle Marche decided to undergo a review of its front end solution since it was too complex to manage and difficult to understand by end users since it was the combination of the UI of different  and highly not integrated packages. The project was to deliver a Composite Application framework that could integrate and harmonize all different services with the revision of the oldest one. Main contractor was Engineering , with Microsoft as partner for the platform and the architecture and Teamlab as responsible of the functional redesign of the whole solution and responsible for the delivery of the container framework for the composite solution.

Cedacri: Front end unico, Scheda Cliente e Quadro di Controllo (2011 – 2012)

As technical director of Teamlab s.a.

Cedacri, (Collecchio, Parma,  Italy) is the most important outsourcer for financial services on the Italian market. After the implementation of the “New teller front office” application Cedacri undertook a deep revision of his solution for intranet services. Mainly all back office services, all commercial services, and many services relate to customer management that do not require cash services are implemented on a proprietary intranet platform. This platform is almost 10 years old and in 2003 Teamlab helped Cedacri in the porting of this platform from .asp Visual Basic technology to a more robust .ASP net platform. In 2011 this platform has been completely redesigned keeping compatibility with the installed applications but implementing a new user experience and a new organization of the application workspace. At the same time the solution has been implemented to support a more sophisticated jQuery based customer information system and customer relationship management. The new platform, while keeping compatibility with the installed base of applications, offers these new services in a much more user friendly interface based on asynchronous interaction. My leadership was extended not only to the local project group but even in the cooperation with Cedacri International that is a Cedacri owned company located in Moldova that delivers software specialists on demand.

CSD: Analizza platform (2013)

As director of teaMC Sagl

CSD (Centro Servizi Direzionali, Palazzolo sull’Oglio, Brescia, Italy) is a service company owned by a major outsourcer belonging to the group of Italian Cooperative Banks (serving 150+ banks). Its mission is to deliver high level reporting and corporate management systems for these group of banks.   Datawarehouses, Management Tableau, Corporate dashboards, Customer analysis, Corporate performances, Scoring systems are some of the tools offered by this company. I’m the project leader and project manager of some aspect regarding the evolution of their current offer.